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Gin 1689 moves into the Caribbean

Gin 1689 moves into the Caribbean

Willemstad, 17th of January 2024: Award-winning Gin 1689, has entered the Caribbean market by launching into Curacao after partnering with the Saint Tropez Ocean Club.

As one of the most exclusive venues in Curacao, the Saint Tropez Ocean Club, with its extended network in the HoReCa channels, will be responsible for the distribution and marketing of Gin 1689 on the popular Caribbean island.

Mr Oliemuller, Owner of the Saint Tropez Ocean Club, highlights: “Gin is, together with rum, one of the most popular drinks on the island and especially the fruity pink gin with distilled strawberries and raspberries are in high demand.” Mr Oliemuller continues; “We only work with the most premium brands and are proud of adding Gin 1689 to our portfolio!” 

Sharing his news, founder Alexander Janssens of Gin 1689, states “This is a fantastic opportunity for us, and we are thrilled with the launch in the first market in the Caribbean!”

Janssens continues; “We will start in Curacao and from there we can easily launch in markets nearby for example Aruba!”

With more than 1 million tourists visiting Curacao it’s one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean. According to Curaçao actually has a Gin & Tonic culture that rival’s Spain’s, Europe’s largest gin market. This is because of its close links to Spain from the 16th Century followed by the Dutch who are the inventors of Jenever, the older sister of gin.

Both countries’ influence can be seen in Curaçao's cuisine, language and culture. That extends to bartenders who thoughtfully mix gin with tonic served in large wine goblets, with garnishes that match their flavour profiles.

Gin 1689 is now available in 4 continents and have distribution in over 30 countries including UK, Holland, Germany, Poland, Spain, Nordics, Czech Republic, Mexico, South-Korea and New Zealand.

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