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Gin 1689 signs new partnership for South-Korea

Gin 1689 signs new partnership for South-Korea

Seoul, 13th of June 2023: Award-winning Gin 1689, launches in South-Korea through an exclusive distribution partnership with Big Dream LTD.  

Big Dream LTD is one of the leading distributors of premium spirits in South-Korea and its portfolio represents a rich selection of high-quality alcoholic beverages & world brands.

Mr Lee, President of Big Dream, highlights: “A few years ago, the revolution of craft spirits reached South-Korea, and now several international premium gins have entered the market.” Mr Lee continues; “We work with premium brands and are proud of adding Gin 1689 to our portfolio!” 

Following in the footsteps of markets including UK, Germany, Poland, Spain, Hungary, Slovenia, Nordics and the Czech Republic, South-Korea is the next market to launch the Amsterdam-based Gin 1689. 

Sharing his news, founder Alexander Janssens of Gin 1689, states “We are excited and proud about this fantastic opportunity to launch in one of the top 10 largest economies in the world!”

Janssens continues; “International expansion is important for us as we would like to give as many consumers as possible the opportunity to try our authentic gin!”

South-Korea is one of the fastest growing gin markets in Asia and the import of premium gin increased by 59% in the last 5 years. Furthermore, the market is expected to grow annually by 6.0% (CAGR 2023-2027).

With more than 85% of consumers drinking gin at home, the main focus is on the off-trade channels including retail & online.

However, although Seoul’s craft cocktail scene may have just started budding, it’s off to a vigorous start thanks to a handful of mixology enthusiasts working ceaselessly to usher in what’s being referred to as the city’s “golden age of the cocktail.” With a willingness to embrace inventive flavour combinations and presentations, and a knack for scrupulous execution, cocktail bars are laying a solid foundation for the Korean capital’s emerging libations scene.

One cocktail bar stands out in particular; White Bar is a gin specialty bar located in Gangnam (Cheongdam-dong) of Seoul. They specialize in a variety of premium gins from around the world and are the most popular and famous bar for many Korean gin lovers.

Gin 1689 is based on a three-century old original recipe and beautifully combines juniper berries, apple, quince, dried lemon & orange peel, clove, nutmeg and aniseed. 

About Gin 1689:  

Amsterdam’s Gin 1689 is based on a three-century-old gin recipe dating back to the time when William of Orange the Third, introduced gin to the British population and the gin craze started. Since its launch, Gin 1689 has won many accolades with the highlight being Gold, in the premium category; at the Gin Masters in London. 

In 2019 Gin 1689 launched the first Dutch Pink gin and received great coverage on the BBC and in UK National Newspapers including The Telegraph. 

About Big Dream LTD: 

Big Dream is one of the leading Spirits Distributors and trading companies in South-Korea. Specialised in Premium, Super-Premium & Handcrafted Spirits and working with some of the world’s most amazing spirit brands.

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