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Gin 1689 enters Finland

Gin 1689 enters Finland

Helsinki, 11th of July 2023: Award-winning Gin 1689, launches in Finland through a partnership with Alko Inc, the distribution channel wholly owned by the Finnish government.

Alko has the Finnish monopoly on the distribution of wine, beer and spirits. It is owned and controlled by the state of Finland. Beverages with alcohol above 5.5% can only be bought by the end-consumer in one of Alko’s stores or on Alko’s website.

Distribution for HoReCa customers is arranged by Ginland, which acts as an importer and local partner of Gin 1689 in Finland.

Following in the footsteps of markets including the UK, South-Korea, Germany, Poland, Spain, Hungary, Slovenia, the Balkans and the Czech Republic, Finland is the next market to launch the Amsterdam-based Gin 1689. 

Sharing his news, founder Alexander Janssens of Gin 1689, states “Finland is a difficult market to launch due to its monopoly system for spirits. Therefore, I am thrilled we finally got all the approvals from the government and are able to offer one of the world’s oldest gins to Finnish gin lovers!”

Janssens continues; “With 368 liquor stores in Finland, Alko is the perfect partner to launch Gin 1689 in this fast-growing gin market!”

The gin boom has reached Finland and the market is expected to grow by more than 6.4% (CAGR 2023-2027) annually, driven by the trend of consumers drinking more premium gin at home and the increased number of cocktail bars in Helsinki.

Besides being home to some of the world’s most amazing art and reindeer burgers (sorry, Rudolph) Helsinki has some of the best cocktail bars in the world. In particular the ‘Trillby & Chadwick’ which will transport you back to 1920's Finland, when prohibition laws were firmly in place and the fight to combat alcohol smuggling was real.

Themed as Helsinki's branch of a London detective agency, you will find this amazing speakeasy behind an unmarked wooden door on Katariinankatu street. Sherlock Holmes would be right at home here.

Gin 1689 is based on a three-century old recipe and beautifully combines juniper berries, apple, quince, dried lemon & orange peel, clove, nutmeg and aniseed.

About Gin 1689:  

Amsterdam’s Gin 1689 is based on a three-century-old gin recipe dating back to the time when William of Orange the Third, introduced gin to the British population and the gin craze started. Since its launch, Gin 1689 has won many accolades with the highlight being Gold, in the premium category; at the Gin Masters in London. 

In 2019 Gin 1689 launched the first Dutch Pink gin and received great coverage on the BBC and in UK National Newspapers including The Telegraph. 

Alco Inc.: 

Alko has the Finnish monopoly on the distribution of wine, beer and spirits with revenues of more than 1 Billion Dollars. It is owned and controlled by the state of Finland. Alcoholic beverages can only be bought by the end-consumer in the stores of Alko and on their website.

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