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Difford’s Guide awards Gin 1689 with 5 stars

Difford’s Guide awards Gin 1689 with 5 stars

Difford's Guide LogoAs one of the largest international Drinks Websites Difford’s Guide is aimed at providing factual and impartial information on what to drink for already more then 20 years. Along with their opinion on what’s good, bad or just indifferent.

From cocktails, to product tastings, distilleries, industry personalities and bar events, Difford’s Guide strive to be a global authority on drinking culture

That’s makes it extra special and rewarding for Gin 1689 to be rewarded 5 stars out of 5.

The 5 Star verdict

Aroma: Juniper forward, fairly classic nose with attractive floral and citrusy aromas. Faint aniseed.

Taste: Distinctive floral lightly bready with good piney juniper and nutty notes. Light floral and aniseed.

Aftertaste: Palate continue through the very well-balanced finish with light spice and star anise

Overall: Gin 1689’s royal blue bottle perhaps masks the glorious gin inside which is classic London Dry in style but with attractive bready, nutty, floral and citrus notes and a touch of star anise.

Awarded:    Difford's 5* Award   5 Stars!

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