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13 best pink gins to brighten up your G&Ts

13 best pink gins to brighten up your G&Ts

The Independent, a UK newspaper, published their top 13 best pink gin to use in a G&T and of course the 1689 Queen Mary Pink Gin is part of this exclusive list!

The Independent writes; ‘’Pink gin, it’s normal gin’s way-more-fun cousin, right? Flavoured with everything from raspberry to cherry blossom, pink grapefruit to rhubarb – and with a blushing pink hue to match – this trendy spirit has, in under a decade, gone from drinks trolley oddity to G&T staple, especially in summertime.

Now, with hundreds of pink gins on the market, lazy generalisations no longer apply. Sure, some pink gins seem made only for Instagram, with neon hues and outrageous branding. But award-winning distilleries have been entering the game too, turning out dry craft spirits in elegant pale hues, fragranced with intriguing botanicals and quality fresh fruit.

When choosing our favourites, listed below, our own rules were simple: as well as being pink in colour, each gin had to have both a distinct juniper note and a noticeable “pink” flavour – whether from berries, pink grapefruit or even rose petals.

Every single gin was tasted “blind”, without labels and in opaque cups, to ensure they genuinely tasted as pink as they looked.

This gin is interesting to drink. Infused with quince, citrus, strawberries and raspberries, the resulting aromas are bold, and far from run-of-the-mill. A riot of spice, baked banana, tropical fruit salad and cherry lozenge pour confidently from the glass.

With the equally generous fruity palate, it’s almost hard to believe that this spirit is 100 per cent sugar free. It doesn’t feel nearly as dry and austere as some other pink gins on this list. One for gin lovers who love to experiment with new flavours’’.

Read the full article here at The Independent.

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